Dienstag, August 23

Elsa // Berlin

Beautiful Elsa in her beautiful home 
When we visited Berlin we also visited Elsa. It was already so long ago
since we saw her the last time and it was just so wonderful to see how she
lives, to share a yummy dinner with her and Mira and enjoy the view from her Berlin balcony. :)

Freitag, August 19

Sometimes life is really special

Samstag, August 13

Berlin with Mira - Botanical Garden (Part One)

Florian and I have spent five beautiful days in Berlin with Mira and her boyfriend Felix. They invited us to stay at their home together with the lovely cats Peter and Pippa. 
On one of the days we visited the Botanical Garden and it was truly magical!
Thank you for everything!

Dienstag, August 9

A warm and cold light