Dienstag, August 19

Sonntag, August 17

When you hope something will change every day but the sun goes up and down without showing the light you need.

You can read a little interview I did with the wonderful Frankie Magazine here: 
And you can see some pictures I took while I was in Amsterdam on my Instagram page here:

Sending love to you all. ♥

Sonntag, August 10

Donnerstag, August 7

Your breath make roses move ~ Part one

Sometimes you get the chance to feel every second very deeply,  
every scent, every butterfly and every rose will seem like right out of
an endless golden dream.This time this beautiful girl with her special heart 
made these moments complete, filled them with love and meaning 
and made them last forever. It doesn't happen so often that you find a person 
that can feel absolutely the same in these moments of magic.
 I'm happy I found you and can't thank you enough for your supporting words, 
Anna with the special heart.